Ciao Bella

Food for culture, conviviality for passion, Ciao Bella is the only Italian restaurant in Chora, Ios. Food and hospitality of a real Italian restaurant located in unique location.


Ciao Bella is the only Italian restaurant in the center of Chora.
Our restaurant is a reference for Italian cuisine lovers and for those who want to experience an authentic Italian style dinner. The owners Alberto and Luca brought their passion for food and Italian culture to life with this new restaurant, where you can sense the authentic Italian atmosphere and feel like home.

In our beautiful location and cozy garden you can try our home-made fresh pasta and a delicious pizza, prepared with top-quality ingredients and the love of our Italian Chefs.


Ios is part of the Greek Cycladic islands, in the heart of the Aegean Sea.
It’s very popular for the fantastic nightlife, but the truth is that Ios is much more than that! During the day, Ios island is the absolute Cycladic paradise. People escape the summer heat in the crystal clear Aegean waters. When the sun goes down, bars and restaurants of Ios Chora come alive! Honestly, Ios has two faces, and they are both exciting!